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Your colleagues and your competitors use Crossss

  • Crossss is a great idea and the abandoned cart algorithms it utilizes really work. We saw the improvements in our operations when we put Crossss to work in our store, especially at the outset. Unfortunately, lately the effectiveness has decreased, but it is likely the fallout from the economic crisis here.
    Sergey Korolev, TA-MUSICA
  • Crossss is a good service, and it is really useful, which is more important! No other company offers exit intent email collector, smart product recommendations and cart abandonment series all at once. The main thing is that you can set it all up nicely without having to mess with the code. Everything is simple and of great value! Thanks, Crossss.
    Alexey Makarov, director,
  • We started using Crossss' services a year ago with automated abandoned cart reminders. Of course, the results were obvious even within the first month. Bringing forgetful customers back to the site means more than sale, it's attention you pay to each customer, which converts into positive attitude (nobody unsubscribes). There are many companies on the market now offering similar services, after testing a number of them we realized that Crossss offered the best value for money.
    Elena Antipova, Marketing Director,
  • It is very easy to set up everything about Crossss, you don’t need special skills or a staff member to manage the system. Add the code once, adjust the settings as required and Crossss starts generating extra profit through cross sales on its own. Everything is transparent, you can assess the quality of job Crossss does for you easily. And you only pay for the real sales the system brought you. Quite convenient.
    Sergey Yakubov, director,
  • Attention to details, readiness to take responsibility and the ability to see things through is what differentiates professionals from mediocre minds. The Crossss team is comprised of professionals, no doubt here. Their strong points are prompt attention, analytical approach and attention to the customer. Continued cooperation with the company is the best indicator of trust, the best recommendation. We continue working with Crossss and we are sure it contributes to our success.
    Valentin Kisly, director general,
  • We have Crossss showing relevant product recommendations to our customers, and we are very happy with the service. It works flawlessly, no glitches or downtime, constantly generates new orders and helps keep visitors interested. For us, this means not just greater profit but also the opportunity to help our customers choose the option the suits them best.
    Victor Stoumov, director general,
  • We met with Crossss at an ecommerce conference in Minsk. It took litle time to set up everything about our cooperation, the people working at Crossss are very attentive and loyal. We added a recommndations block to out store and saw our sales grow. Backend of the Crossss system is easy to use, I can see all the stats there.
    Natalya, project manager,

More than 700 stores in 9 countries boost their sales with Crossss

Simple, effective product recommendations

Scientifically selected product recommendations individually tailored for each visitor boost KPI, conversion and average order value.
Let Crossss customize your homepage relevant to your visitors.
Crossss bypasses short attention spans with the right recommendations.
Product page
Fine-tune search engine results with Crossss recommendations.
Search page
Crossss sharpens onsite search with more relevant results.
Out-of-stock product
Crossss recommendations catch the visitor when their buy impulse is hot.
Cart page
Cross-suggested add-ons are almost irresistible.
Add personalized recommendations now!

Fast, easy customer-triggered emails

Crossss automatically sends personalized emails
triggered by the actions of your visitors and customers.

Right time + right content = sale
  • Collects email addresses
    from all your leads
  • Automated welcome
    email series
  • Next Best Offer
    email series
  • Interrupted session
    email series
  • Abandoned cart recovery
    email series
  • Automate email marketing now!
Crossss is an advanced comprehensive personalization solution. For your store, Crossss means
  • increased conversion
  • more money per order
  • growing circle of returning
    and loyal customers
  • better visibility on search
    engine results pages
  • Hassle-free integration and 30 days
    of free trial


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